Walimex Fresnel box

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Whenever you need straightened and exact narrowed light, the Fresnel Lens Box is the suitable device, for example in fashion, cosmetics, food and product photography and so on. As main light source, the Box can increase the colour saturation and brilliance. It can also be used as highlight as to point out structures better. Therewith the scattering angle can be changed quickly.

tip: can be used with many other flash systems (e.g. walimex, Multiblitz, Broncolor, Balcar, Profoto, Hensel Expert/Contra) with additional adapters

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  • suitable for Aurora Fusion, Genesis and Digis, Bowens, championata and Proxistar B/C
  • for the perfect reaction between light and shadow
  • Fresnel lens with 22cm diameter
  • per rotary knob easy to adjust
  • 5/8 tripod connection, 5/8 spigot connection
  • first-class workmanship and Quality
  • useable for all common studio flashes due to the exchangeable adapter


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